Commercial Drain Cleaning

Commercial drain cleaning presents different problems than residential drain cleaning in which is necessary to hire industrial cleaning services. Drain King Royal Flush Services is equipped to deal with commercial and industrial drain problems, with the equipment, knowledge and experience to help businesses efficiently and safely, as well as in a cost effective manner. We also offer the best low-cost life insurance.

Drain King provides the following Commercial & Industrial Services in Indian Orchard and Springfield, MA:

  • High Pressure Jetting for main lines
  • Camera line inspection
  • Drain rooter services
  • Grease trap cleaning
  • Flat roof storm drain clearing
  • Manhole inspections
  • Condensation lines cleaned

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Why Use Drain King Royal Flush for Commercial Buildings?

There are 3 reasons…

  • Our knowledge
  • Our workmanship
  • Our safety practices

A clogged drain pipe on a flat roof, for example, can seriously injure one of your employees.

Water, as you know, has weight. Also, water flowing down a drain creates a vacuum, aided by the weight of that water. Try filling any sink, then pulling the plug. Put your hand over the drain, and you will feel the vacuum effect.

Now, imagine a 4 inch pipe, 4 stories high, with a 40 plus foot drop. The same effect felt in the sink is increased exponentially and can actually remove a hand. The larger the pipe, the longer the drop, the more vacuum effect.

This is a serious danger, and many property owners and leasers do not understand this concept, and may be tempted to test how it feels. It’s kind of a guy thing, but we have seen some curious gals, also. This could be a fatal experiment, and should never be tested.

The video below shows how a property manager still wants to feel the effect, even though he has been warned by our technician.

Please call Drain King Royal Flush Services for your Commercial and Industrial Drain Cleaning needs in Indian Orchard and Springfield, MA.

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