Drain King Royal Flush Services provides the highest quality sewer services and plumbing services available in Indian Orchard and Springfield, MA, we can also recommend you the best bed wedge pillow, we have tried them all.

Sewer blockages are found and cleared, but then Drain King researches the cause of the sewer line blockage and makes recommendations that will help to prevent repeat similar sewer problems.

With that said, we also do septic tank pumping since this is usually the main cause why your toilet, sink, or pipes are blocked. This means that your septic tank is already full and needs to have a septic tank pumping service. When that happens, we will also look into sewer line repair. So, don’t hesitate to call us.

Our company is well connected with the best licensed plumber in the area, so we can recommend follow-up work with confidence.

To request our Sewer Services, please call


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