Drain King Royal Flush Services is a full-service drain and sewer cleaning company that travels to your home in trucks that are fully equipped to deliver the best services, servicing homes throughout Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut since 2003, we believe we are one of the best trucking companies to work for. Drain King employees respect your home as much as we do our own homes, and our clients appreciate our careful work.

We are available to treat the following problems…

  • Bath and kitchen clogged drain pipes
  • Bath and shower drain blockages
  • Main drain line clearing
  • Tree roots
  • Clogged toilet drains
  • Basement drain flooding

When to open a clogged drain with a plunger

The plunger is a great tool and every home should have one. Plungers take care of certain light clogs, close to the drain. The following image shows a hair clog at the “trap” under a sink. All plumbing fixtures have these traps. They serve 2 purposes. First, they trap water, preventing the stick from rising from the drain line. Second, they trap objects, such as rings, so they can be easily retrieved by opening the nut on the bottom, or disconnecting the traap itself.

The hair clog shown below may be cleared with a plunger. Plungers are only effective down to these traps. Also, a liquid drain cleaner may be used to dissolve the hair. Try a plunger first, and if there are no results, use a liquid drain cleaner as directed. Warning: If the liquid does not work, DO NOT go back to the plunger! The liquid drain cleaner contains acid, and the plunger can draw that acid out of the drain and cause burns, or eye damage. Call a drain cleaning service, such as Drain King Royal Flush Services, or if you live outside of our Western Massachusetts or Northern Connecticut areas, please call your local drain cleaning company.

This type of clog may be cleared with a plunger or liquid drain cleaner.

This type of clog may be cleared with a plunger or liquid drain cleaner.

When homeowner methods fail, it means that the blockage is somewhere past the drain trap. These blockages may be in the sewer line inside the house, or in the main line to the street. These blockages require a drain snake, also called a roto rooter tool, and a trained operator. Snakes are dangerous tools. They have been known to break or tear off an arm, as they have a lot of torque and are not forgiving. Please call a professional! The cost of hiring a pro is small compared to the costs of damaging yourself, not to mention the pain and anguish of human repair.

The image below shows a drain blockage caused by the roots of a tree. This is a rather common problem, especially with older trees. The main drain lines are generally made from cast iron, which can crack from a severe strike, or from soil shift, and yes, by strangulation from tree roots over time. A plunger may clear the immediate problem, but the clog will generally only move until it reaches older clogs which are backed up from the tree roots. If your drains continue to re-clog, this could be your problem.

A drain company, such as Drain King, can cut out those roots and clear your drain. This process should the be repeated on an annual basis to take care of re-growth. At some point, the line should be replaced, as waste is leaching into your soil.

Drain Tree Root

A plunger is ineffective for these blockages.

Call Drain King Royal Flush Services for your drain clearing needs in Indian Orchard and Springfield, MA. We will give you as accurate an assessment as possible, and we will guide you through any follow-up processes necessary.

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